Wisdom Tooth Extraction: What are the Health Benefits?

Wisdom Tooth Extraction: What are the Health Benefits?

tooth extraction StillwaterA tooth extraction is the surgical removal of a tooth’s crown and its roots. This type of procedure is done for many reasons—normally to preserve one’s health and quality of life. The most common teeth extracted are wisdom teeth. This is because third molars (wisdom teeth) are especially prone to becoming diseased. Wisdom teeth also contribute to issues with oral function, particularly by negatively affecting one’s occlusion and TMJ function. A wisdom tooth extraction is beneficial because it can decrease a person’s risk for developing a number of oral health conditions including tooth decay, gum disease, and TMJ disorder. Moreover, having one’s wisdom teeth removed improves a person’s quality of life if he or she has been affected by uncomfortable oral function or orofacial pain.

Oral Disease Prevention

Having wisdom teeth removed prevents the development of a few common conditions. Third molars are problematic because of when and how they erupt. Most adult teeth come through the gums during adolescence. Wisdom teeth, however, begin to emerge in early adulthood – long after other adult teeth are well established. In almost all cases, third molars do not have enough room to erupt upright. In fact, these teeth tend to become impacted in the jaw and gums. The way that wisdom teeth erupt along with their location being at the back of the mouth makes them very difficult to clean with brushing and flossing. Since the emergence of wisdom teeth typically leads to an unhygienic situation, these teeth and the tissue surrounding them can become infected. This is why wisdom teeth commonly become decayed or abscessed. The gingiva near wisdom teeth is very prone to infection as well.

Having a wisdom tooth extraction can prevent the development of an oral infection. This procedure can alleviate complications associated with infected teeth, too.

Improved Quality of Life

Third molars are often associated with issues like malocclusions, worn dentition, orofacial pain, and TMJ disorder. All of these conditions can affect healthy oral function and the TMJs’ ability to move the mouth smoothly. Extracting wisdom teeth can improve problems associated with oral function and daily comfort.

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