A Full Mouth Restoration In A Single Day

A Full Mouth Restoration In A Single Day

Garden Woman COOMSA Tulsa OKThe development of dental implants as a prosthodontic solution has brought many new possibilities to the world of tooth replacement, but some patients feel that the timeframe is a significant hurdle. That is why we condensed the practice down to a single appointment, so that you can have a beautiful new set of teeth without the downtime. Our teeth in a day option also includes the placement of an implant-supported bridge, also known by the term all-on-4.

At Central Oklahoma Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates in Tulsa, OK, we are proud to offer all-on-4 in a same-day process, so that you can have an implant-supported bridge without much interruption to your daily life. Speak with a member of our team, so that we can help you through the entire process with a knowledgeable and professional approach. Your transition from natural teeth to a bridge can be achieved with grace through the placement of an all-on-4 solution!

How All-On-4 Helps You To Smile With Confidence In Just One Visit

If you are facing a full extraction, you should be aware of your prosthodontic options, so that you can make the best decision for your particular smile needs. One of these options is a full set of implant-supported bridges, which are now possible in a single-day procedure. This approach allows you to transition from natural teeth to a permanent bridge without the extensive downtime that has traditionally come alongside the change.

Instead of waiting between the placement of implant posts to fully heal over the course of weeks or months, our approach aims to give you a beautiful new smile in just one visit. Speak with your provider about whether this approach is suitable for your needs, as every mouth is different, and has its own set of specific strengths and challenges.

The Advantages Of An Implant-Supported Bridge Over Traditional Methods

If you currently have dentures that connect with an adhesive, you are aware of the limitations. Your prosthetics require significant maintenance, and they may be prone to falling out, or the fit might change over time. Say goodbye to these annoyances with the use of a more secure solution, available in one condensed visit!

One benefit to the use of this approach is that your prosthetic will not cover the roof of your mouth. For many, this part of their current solution is a daily hindrance, as it can cause you to trigger your gag reflex. For this benefit and more, talk with your provider about a same-day all-on-4 procedure, and see if this fits your smile.

A Permanent Solution For Your Teeth Replacement In Tulsa, OK

For more information or to schedule your consultation, give us a call at Central Oklahoma Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates in Tulsa, OK. We are available at (405)624-1300 or (800)352-8685, so reach out to our team and we can discuss the ways that all-on-4 could help you.