Are All-On-Four Dentures Right For Me?

Are All-On-Four Dentures Right For Me?

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Do you have missing teeth, even total tooth loss? If you have gaps too severe to be treated with a bridge or individual dental implants, then a set of dentures may be necessary. With All-On-Four, we can do so with fewer posts and even in weakened jawbones! Our team at our dental implant center in Stillwater, OK can offer a smile with All-On-Four in one day!

The Severity of Your Tooth Loss

First, we want to take a close look at your smile to understand the factors behind your tooth loss. For example, if you lost teeth to gum disease then we need to manage the disease so it doesn’t threaten your new teeth. If you’ve lost most of your teeth, then we will need to gently treat the last few to pave the way for your new dentures. We can administer anesthesia and sedation to keep you comfortable and remove these teeth in preparation for implant placement.

Assessing Your Candidacy

Typically, if your jawbone has weakened due to tooth loss, then you may need jawbone grafting or a sinus lift to uncover enough structure to support multiple dental implants. However, with All-On-Four we only need four posts per arch, and these are smaller and designed to require less jawbone structure to stay in place. We then insert these at specific areas of your jaw, where they stimulate jawbone growth to prevent further breakdowns in your smile but can secure your new dentures in the same visit.

Providing Teeth-In-A-Day

Once your new posts are in place, we will attach abutments to them that extend above the gum line and provide structure to connect your completed denture to. Once your temporary is attached, you can leave the office with a full smile while we complete your final prosthetic. When your new denture is ready, you will return so we can switch them, and you can finally enjoy a smile that is ready to last for decades to come, possibly a lifetime. At no point in the process are you stuck with an incomplete smile. If you have any questions about how we prepare your smile for All-On-Four and then secure your new teeth in a single day, then contact our team today to learn more.

Remember, we can start care now so that 2024 is the year you enjoy a full smile again, and the ability to smile with confidence and eat your favorite foods!


We want to help you smile without hesitation by addressing your advanced tooth loss using our advanced and lifelike full prosthetics, which we secure with only four dental implant posts per arch! To schedule a consultation, give us a call at our Stillwater, OK implant dentistry center at (405) 624-1300 or (800) 352-8685!