Benefits Of Teeth In A Day Treatment

Benefits Of Teeth In A Day Treatment

Man with nice smile implant dentistry conceptThere are more than just cosmetic reasons to restore your incomplete smile. Your appearance when you smile and speak does matter, but when you lose teeth, you also find yourself vulnerable to problems with poorer bite function, heightened risk for TMJ disorder, and a loss of jawbone density. Our Central Oklahoma treatment centers provide an effective solution for this problem, one that is also surprisingly convenient. Through all-on-4 implant dentistry, also known as Teeth In A Day, we can have a patient’s complete smile restored in just one appointment! During your visit, we can use selectively placed implants to hold a custom dental bridge, which means you walk out with a secure and lifelike restoration to show off to the world.

Regain Your Full Smile In Less Time Than You Think Possible!

For something as involved as the replacement of missing teeth, you may assume that you will need to set aside a long stretch of time to have work done. This can be especially true if you want your prosthesis to be fully secured. Unfortunately, these worries can cause people to hold off on care because they do not feel they can commit to a process that will do what is needed to give them the results they want. Thanks to all-on-4 implant dentistry, or Teeth In A Day, patients who come to us can have permanent restorations placed in just one visit! As a result, they walk away from that one appointment with their confidence in their appearance and dental function renewed.

How Teeth In A Day Can Take Care Of Your Cosmetic And Oral Health Needs

The Teeth In A Day treatment approach relies on a set of selectively placed dental implants. We carefully examine your jawbone and oral structures to determine their appropriate locations and angles so that the right stability is provided. From there, we will make arrangements to place a custom bridge that mimics your natural teeth. This work is also performed at the appointment where you received your implants, so you fit both of these key steps into one planned appointment.

What To Expect After Your Smile Is Fully Restored

A prosthetic appliance secured with dental implants can help you bite and chew with greater comfort. It can also help you feel more at ease with the way you look whenever you smile and speak. Over time, patients who undergo treatment are protected against oral health and cosmetic risks because they have protection against jawbone deterioration, the gradual loss of bone density that occurs after tooth loss.

Talk To Our Tulsa, OK Location About Teeth In A Day And Your Smile!

To find out more about how we can restore your complete smile through Teeth In A Day, you can reach our Tulsa, OK location at (918) 495-1800.