Fitting Prosthodontic Care Into One Appointment

Fitting Prosthodontic Care Into One Appointment

happy senior woman all-on-4 implant conceptIf your goal is to have your incomplete smile restored, you should know that there are restorative options that provide comfort, bite support, and long-term protection for your jaw health. This kind of overall improvement is possible when you have a prosthesis that enjoys dental implant support. Our Central Oklahoma treatment centers can provide these kinds of benefits. What you can be pleasantly surprised by is how little time it takes you to see these results. This is because we provide all-on-4 implant services. This approach, also known as Teeth In A Day, can provide the improvements you hope for while making prosthetic services more convenient than you think possible.

Will I Have To Wait To Regain My Complete Smile?

A successful restoration of your incomplete smile can involve the placement of dental implants—small titanium posts that act the way teeth roots do to support teeth—and custom prosthodontic restorations. Between the work involved in placing your implants and the creation of your restoration, you may assume you are going to go through a long and involved treatment process. Teeth In A Day, also known as all-on-4 implant dentistry, can actually reduce it to a process that fits into just one visit! As a result, you can see remarkable improvements in a surprisingly short time.

Using All-On-4 Implants To Address Tooth Loss

The all-on-4 approach to treatment relies on a set of smaller-than-standard dental implants. Thanks to their size, we can safely place and restore them in just one appointment to give you your full smile sooner than you anticipate. The placement process depends on a careful review, one that tells us the precise location and angle for each implant. After they are set in place, we used 3D printing technology to create a custom bridge that we can secure. Your bridge will be designed to fit comfortably and possess a natural look, and it will also provide important bite support.

More Advantages To Treatment That Relies On Dental Implants

Implant dentistry provides many welcome advantages for those looking to restore incomplete smiles. These small posts stimulate the jawbone when you use your restoration for biting and chewing support. What that stimulation does is send signals so that the body delivers nutrients to your jawbone, keeping it from losing mass over time. Better bite support is also a key benefit, as it lets you maintain normal jaw function and lower your risk for TMJ disorder.

Talk To Central Oklahoma Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Associates About Prosthodontic Care!

Through prosthodontic care with Central Oklahoma Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery Associates, patients can undergo work to fully restore their smiles in just a single appointment! If you would like to find out more, you can reach our Stillwater, OK treatment office at (405) 624-1300.