How All-On-4 Replaces Lost Teeth Quickly

How All-On-4 Replaces Lost Teeth Quickly

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Learning that you have options for restoring your smile when you experience significant tooth loss can offer quite the relief! While losing a single tooth is disappointing, the loss of most or all can begin to feel hopeless. You may expect the work required to become too involved or require far too much time in the dental chair, which can increase your feelings of doubt. Fortunately, we can place a set of prosthetic teeth in as little as a single trip to our practice!

At your Stillwater, OK oral surgeon’s office, we can help you treat the loss of multiple teeth with a convenient solution known as all-on-4 implant bridges. When you come in for treatment, we can place implant posts that hold a full arch of prosthetic teeth and have you out the door in a single day. By regaining your ability to bite, chew, and comfortably articulate speech, you can enjoy the simple pleasures of life that you experienced before tooth loss.

Can I Really Replace A Full Set Of Teeth In A Single Day?

When you lose an entire arch of teeth, you feel the consequences immediately. Not only does your appearance change significantly, but you lose the ability to comfortably eat and enjoy your meals. When this happens, you understandably would like to get back to your prior life with teeth as soon as possible. Also known as Teeth In A Day, all-on-4 treatment can restore your smile in just one visit. Instead of installing individual replacement teeth, a few strategically placed implant posts hold an entire bridge of teeth to complete your entire row. This means getting in and out for treatment swiftly!

Receiving Your All-On-4 Prosthetic Implant Bridge

This method for timely placement relies upon special implant posts that are smaller than traditional dental implants. Because they take up less space in your jawbone, your healing time reduces in kind. We use an angle of approach that allows better support for holding an entire row of replacement teeth. Because each jaw is unique, we take detailed digital images of your mouth to design your custom bridge. This model assists us by guiding the placement of your posts with special software.

The Benefits Of A Permanent Restoration

With All-On-4 treatment, you enjoy many benefits beyond replacement with a traditional bridge or denture. While removable dentures must be constantly cleaned and stored while you sleep, your new prosthetic functions much more similar to normal teeth. Because your implant posts stimulate your jaw to maintain its density, they are able to last a lifetime without the need for frequent refitting.

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