Learning More About The All-On-4 Process

Learning More About The All-On-4 Process

Red Sweater OKC Have you recently received a diagnosis that requires the extraction of one or more of your teeth? If so, a biocompatible dental implant gives you a resilient replacement that can handle your chewing and speaking, while looking gorgeous at the same time. This process uses a technologically advanced method of prosthodontic repair through the use of a durable titanium post as a foundation for your new solution. However, what if you are looking for a full bridge solution?

Thankfully, there is an accessible form of implant-supported bridges through a process known as all-on-4. With this technique, you have a secure connection between your new teeth and the bone of your jaw, and this approach can bring you many distinct advantages. For instance, an all-on-4 option leaves the roof of your mouth uncovered, which can give you a greater amount of comfort. In addition to this benefit, you can avoid the use of messy adhesives that never seem to hold as well as you would like. We are here for you every step of the way, so reach out to our staff and begin your path with our Oklahoma City, OK dental practice.

A Truly Revolutionary Approach To Tooth Replacement

The development of dental implants as a method of prosthodontic repair has become an integral part of the tooth replacement process, as it gives you an option that connects to the bone of your jaw. With traditional appliance-based repairs such as a dental bridge, the strength of your solution is dependent upon the resilience of your remaining natural teeth on either side of a gap. If there are questions as to the lasting ability of these to hold your bridge, you could be risking the stability of the entire repair. Implants, instead, connect to the bone, without affecting the future of your remaining teeth.

An Implant-Supported Bridge Is Possible In One Day With The All-On-4 Technique

While dental implants are a fantastic option for those in need of a single-tooth replacement, the versatility really shines through with an all-on-4 procedure. This method is the full replacement of your existing structures with the use of implant posts as your foundation. We have condensed the process into a single day, drastically reducing your time in reaching a positive outcome. For those with age-related tooth loss, or for patients who may suffer loss due to an illness such as cancer, an all-on-4 prosthodontic solution gives you the ability to transition with grace.

Discover The Advantages Of All-On-4 In Oklahoma City

If you are in need of a whole mouth of replacement teeth, speak with a member of our team about the possibility of a same-day implant solution with all-on-4. Speak with a member of our team at our Oklahoma City, OK office by calling (405)624-1300 or (800)352-8685 and set up a time for your consultation!