Providing A Full Smile In A Single Day

Providing A Full Smile In A Single Day

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When you have lost the majority of your teeth, or suffer from edentulism, this impacts how you eat, speak, and even your youthful facial features! Which is why securing a set of fixed dentures is recommended to preserve your smile. To make this possible for people with smiles weakened by tooth loss, we can offer All-On-Four. Our Oklahoma City, OK, dental office can secure these in one day, so you can smile with confidence again.

The Benefits of Dental Implant Prosthetics

Traditional dentures are effective, but they must be held in place with suction or the use of special adhesives, so there is always the risk of slippage. They also need to be removed for soaking and cleaning, and since there are no roots to stimulate the growth of jawbone structure, you need to recommend them as your jaw ridge changes shape. But with dental implants, we insert biocompatible titanium posts into the jaw, which act as new roots to preserve your jawbone. We then attach the denture to them, so you have a fixed option that never slips and looks and functions like natural teeth.

The Complications of Jawbone Weakness

If years have passed since you lost your tooth, then your jaw could weaken. The loss of mass and density means there may not be enough structure to support new teeth, not unless you first undergo surgical grafting or a sinus lift procedure. But with All-On-Four, we use four small posts that are designed to support dentures with less jawbone structure supporting them. This means they can stimulate the growth of jawbone structure to preserve your smile without the need for surgery to bolster your jaw first.

Teeth In One Day!

Traditional implant dentures can take months to complete, as you must wait for the placement area to heal before attaching a prosthetic. But with All-On-Four, our team can insert the posts, connect abutments, and then attach a temporary prosthetic in the same visit. Later, you can return for us to swap the temporary for the final denture, the one custom-made of your smile. Which means you enjoy teeth in a day, with a full set of lifelike and durable dentures. You never have to live without a complete smile after replacement, and can leave with a complete smile after only one visit.

If you have any questions about how we secure these durable and lifelike tooth replacements, then contact our team today to learn more.


You’re never too late to start your path to a full and beautiful smile. To find out more about securing full prosthetics with the All-On-Four system, call our Oklahoma City, OK office at (405) 624-1300 or (800) 352-8685.