Supporting Dentures With Just Four Implants

Supporting Dentures With Just Four Implants

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When you suffer from major tooth loss, you need treatment to restore your smile and enjoy a complete one again. Even for people with weakened jawbones, our team can secure a full set of dentures with as little as four posts per arch. At our Oklahoma City, OK, dental office, we can provide a full smile in one visit with the All-On-Four implant system.

The Weakening of Your Jawbone Structure

There are obvious impacts when it comes to tooth loss. You could have trouble eating your favorite foods, and clear speech could be difficult. You may also feel embarrassed about your appearance, which impacts your social intersections. But when the body recognizes the loss of your tooth roots, this means it suspends the flow of calcium and phosphates to the portions around the missing roots. Without these nutrients, the bone tissue loses mass and density, breaking down to create an old appearance as your jaw weakens. Which means at some point, you may not have enough structure to support dental implants without first undergoing jawbone grafting or a sinus lift. Fortunately, we can still secure a new smile with All-On-Four!

Inserting Your New Tooth Roots

Our team will carefully examine your smile with innovative digital imaging technology, so we can assess the strength of the jawbone and select the best angle and position to insert your new dental implants. We use four small posts, which are made from biocompatible titanium and inserted into the jaw, bonding with the bone structure and being accepted as natural roots This means osseointegration occurs, which bonds them like roots and allows your new tooth implants to stay in place for decades to come, maybe even a lifetime, preserving your jaw and preventing further loss or structure.

Receiving Dentures in the Same Visit

Once we place the posts, we then connect abutments to each one and attach your denture. We do this in the same visit, so you leave with a complete smile. The entire process is done onsite in our office, so when you leave our office, you do so with a stunning new smile! If you have any questions about how we address more advanced cases of tooth loss with implant dentistry and All-On-Four, then reach out today. We would love to help you enjoy a complete smile, and better quality of life as a result.


Same-day dental implant dentures are possible, and we want to help improve your smile and avoid the complications and risks of untreated tooth loss. To find out more about treating advanced or total tooth loss, call our Oklahoma City, OK office at (405) 624-1300 or (800) 352-8685. A full smile is possible, so don’t live with an incomplete smile!