Tips to Improve Your Chances of a Smooth Recovery After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Tips to Improve Your Chances of a Smooth Recovery After Wisdom Teeth Removal

wisdom teeth North OklahomaMany people can return to their normal routines within a matter of days after having their wisdom teeth removed, but if post-operative complications develop, it can delay your recovery and interfere with your personal and professional obligations. Fortunately, patients can take steps to reduce their risks of the problems that can develop after wisdom tooth extraction.

Our oral surgeons will give you more detailed post-operative instructions before the extraction, but here are a few tips on how to prevent some of the most common problems.

Don’t smoke! Hopefully you don’t partake in this habit to begin with, but if you do, it’s essential that you give it up for at least several weeks after your wisdom tooth extraction. Smoking can impede the healing process and can increase your risk for dry sockets.

Dry socket is a painful condition that develops when the blood clot that forms to protect the empty socket either fails to form or is dislodged too early. To avoid this, abstain from using drinking straws until you have healed fully from the procedure. The sucking motion can disrupt the clots.

Attend all of your follow-up appointments. These sessions give your oral surgeon the opportunity to monitor your healing and take action as necessary if any problems arise.

If the surgeon prescribes an antibiotic as a preventive measure against infection, take all of the pills exactly as directed, even if you don’t have any symptoms of an infection.

Clean the area around the extraction site – gently! – as directed by our surgeon. Minimizing bacteria is essential to avoiding an infection, which can occur after any type of oral surgery, including wisdom tooth extraction.

You should limit vigorous exercise until the surgeon gives you the OK. Ask about acceptable activity levels while you are healing.

Patients can take action to improve their chances of a healthy uneventful recovery after wisdom tooth extraction. Be sure to discuss this aspect of your care with our oral surgery team before the procedure and ask any questions that you may have. Be as well-informed as possible.

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