Wisdom Teeth: Should they stay or go?

Wisdom Teeth: Should they stay or go?

wisdom teeth North OklahomaHas your dentist recommended that you visit an oral surgeon to have your wisdom teeth extracted? Are you wondering if these teeth really need to be removed? For the most part, wisdom teeth are removed to prevent a number of oral health complications. In fact, the overwhelming majority of people’s wisdom teeth do not erupt through the gums in healthy, upright positions. Instead, they tend to become impacted – meaning they become “stuck” in the gums and/or jawbone. Wisdom tooth retention can lead to an increased risk for tooth decay, gum disease, worn dentition, TMJ disorder, and orthodontic problems. By removing wisdom teeth as they begin to erupt, patients can enjoy decreased risks for many oral health conditions.

Why do wisdom teeth cause oral health problems?

Wisdom teeth come through the gums during a person’s early adult years. Since all other teeth have become well-established, there is not adequate room for these teeth to erupt. The crowded situation means that wisdom teeth will partially erupt. Partial tooth eruption increases risks for tooth decay and gum disease because they are hard to keep clean. If a tooth is partially erupted or impacted, it can cause other teeth to shift out of alignment. In severe cases, teeth might rotate or become overlapped. Unhealthy tooth positioning increases the risks for developing tooth wear because teeth will make improper contact during oral function.

Are there other issues that can arise with keeping wisdom teeth?

Yes, there are a litany of issues a person can experience by retaining their wisdom teeth. With an increased risk for tooth decay, abscesses can easily form. An abscess is a painful infection that begins within or at the root of a tooth. In addition to abscesses, many people who retain their wisdom teeth suffer with orofacial pain such as headaches and tenderness along the jaw.

Will I be comfortable during my procedure?

Our team takes every precaution possible to ensure that our guests are comfortable and relaxed during treatment. We utilize pain-relieving and sedating medication to maintain one’s comfort. Post-operative instructions are also provided so that patients can enjoy a speedy and comfortable recovery.

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