Will a wisdom tooth abscess go away on its own?

Will a wisdom tooth abscess go away on its own?

wisdom teeth North OklahomaIf you develop an abscess, you should see a dentist or oral surgeon as soon as possible for treatment. An abscess is a dangerous oral health condition that can spread throughout the oral cavity and rest of the body. When an abscess develops, strong antibiotics are necessary along with endodontic care (root canal therapy) or tooth extractions to preserve a person’s health and wellbeing. Wisdom teeth commonly become abscessed when retained. Since an abscess is an advanced and progressive infection, it will not improve on its own. Patients will require professional treatment and medication to improve their symptoms and prevent complications.

Why do wisdom teeth become abscessed?

Wisdom teeth become abscessed because of the way they come through the jaw and gums after eruption. Since wisdom teeth (third molars) erupt during adulthood, they don’t have enough room to erupt because the rest of a patient’s permanent teeth are established. The crowded situation leads to wisdom teeth becoming impacted. This means that wisdom teeth become stuck in the gums and therefore do not fully erupt. Many times, only a small portion of a wisdom tooth will be exposed through the gums. Impacted teeth are prone to infection because food debris and bacteria easily become trapped beneath the gums. An impacted tooth is practically impossible to keep clean, too. Therefore, leading to dental caries, gum disease, and internal tooth infections. If an infected or decayed tooth goes without treatment, it will abscess.

How are abscessed teeth treated?

Normally, the first line of treatment for an abscess is antibiotics. This medicine is necessary to reduce swelling and clear the infection. Most of the time, an extraction will be scheduled a few days after a patient begins taking antibiotics. An extraction is the surgical removal of all a tooth’s parts. Extractions are normally the most common treatment method but in some instances root canal therapy is sufficient.

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