implant-retained denturesFailing or missing teeth can make each new day feel like a chore. But for some, the idea of traditional dentures just doesn't feel quite right, as they imagine loose or ill-fitting replacements that don't do much to cover up the imperfections of their smile. Others would like to avoid the wait times involved with dental implants, and we certainly understand that feeling. That's why our team at our dental implant center in Stillwater, OK provides same-day All-on-4® implant restoration. If you are ready to make a change to a denture solution, give us a call to schedule a consultation to discuss how implant-retained dentures can help you to regain your confidence in your smile. This process uses titanium implant posts to give you a sturdy connection between your prosthetic and your jaw, giving you an unparalleled bite strength that you just can't get with some other traditional prosthodontic options. When you are ready to make a change, talk to our team about same-day All-on-4® restoration!

same-day implant oklahoma city, okIf you struggle with the quality of your smile due to missing or failing teeth, it can make life difficult each and every day. Your smile plays an active role in how you interact with others, and when things are not at level that you would like them to be, it can really affect your confidence. Not only that, but you can start to lose out on eating some of your favorite foods due to your tooth loss. With our helpful team of prosthodontic experts in Oklahoma City, OK, you can take real steps toward improving your smile with dental implants. At our implant centers in Central Oklahoma, we are able to provide a prosthodontic solution in a same-day set of procedures. This means that you can avoid long wait times between extraction, the placement of your titanium implant posts, and receiving your new prosthetic teeth. Learn more about this innovative process by giving us a call at Central Oklahoma Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates today, and schedule your appointment for a consultation with our team!

new set of teeth central oklahoma tulsa okIf you have missing teeth, or if your smile has started to fail, then you understand how much of your day can be spent focusing on your mouth. You depend on your smile for every first impression that you make, and when things just aren't quite right, it can shake your confidence. And when you cannot enjoy the foods that you once loved, it can make every single day feel like a chore. Renew your love for life with a brand-new set of prosthetic teeth from our team of prosthodontic and implant dentistry experts in Tulsa, OK. You may have heard about dental implants, but did you know that this technology can be used to support a full mouth of dentures? This procedure, commonly called All-On-Four®, uses a set number of implant posts per jaw to bring strong support to your new denture. If your natural teeth are failing, or if you would like to make an upgrade from your existing denture, talk to our team about our streamlined approach that provides new teeth in just one day!

oklahoma city all on four Implant dentures can provide a full smile that looks and functions like natural teeth. But if you’ve lost jawbone structure due to missing teeth you may not have enough structure to support traditional fixed dentures. However, we have an alternative that only requires four posts per arch, and can provide teeth in one day! At our Oklahoma City, OK, dental office, we can secure a new smile with the All-On-Four system.